7th & 8th Grade

Dr. Karen Lord is our seventh and eighth grade teacher this year.  Dr. Lord teaches respect for our Creator and His creation, respect for each other and respect for ourselves in school and lives.  She comes to us from Florida with eleven years serving as a principal, teaching middle school (math, science and English).  She is very excited to be in Michigan, close to family.

Dr. Lord uses experiments to help students gain understanding with a Christian science textbook and using God’s Word as a field guide.  Also students continue their education in Saxon Math, following up with the 8th grade students learning Algebra I.

Seventh and Eighth grade students participate in the following Specials Classes:  Physical Education, Band, Computer and Art.

Students also compete in an annual Spelling Bee and Fine Arts Festival with area Christian Schools.

Classroom Website: https://grantchristian78.wordpress.com

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