5th & 6th Grade

Ms. Rebekah Wissink is our 5th and 6th grade teacher.  Ms. Wissink had the privilege to fulfill her student teaching here at Grant Christian.  She also spent a year in Uganda, Africa teaching for a missionary family who had six children and worked with the street boys – boys who live on the streets for many different reasons.  That experience brought her a year full of challenges, goodness, hardships and God’s grace.  We are very excited about the experiences that Ms. Wissink brings to her classroom, along with all the songs she learned in Africa!

Students are expected to use their unique gifts and talents to achieve excellence in all areas.  Students use an experiments to gain understanding of science.  They are challenged in reading discussions with “literature groups” to develop better reading skills.  Saxon math is emphasized in Ms. Wissink’s classroom through a variety of teaching techniques.  Dos’s Word is not only taught as a subject, but it’s presented and modeled as a way of life.

Fifth and sixth grade students participate in the following Specials Classes:  Physical Education, Band, Computer and Art.

Students also compete in an annual Spelling Bee and Fine Arts Festival with area Christian Schools.

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